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Bouy: Sealion’s Lifeline MH,CDX,AX,AXJ,TKA,QAA
DOB 3-9-10 AKC# SR61866901

Derby 1st (35 dogs) ,Derby 4th at 11 months.
Qualifying placements. 3
High in Trials for CD. Amauter Jam. 2016 Labrador National Challenge winner. Continue reading


M/C: Sealion`s Priceless MH,CD,RA,NA,TKA,QAA
DOB 7-18-15 AKC# SR88916203
Hips Excellent
Elbows Normal
Heart Normal
9 Derby points, Qualifying 2nd and 3rd, Amateur Jams.  2 legs of his CDX Continue reading


Rowdy: Sealion`s One Of The Family  JH,RN,TKI
DOB 11-15-18 AKC# SS09020003
EIC Clear
Heart Normal
Eyes OFA
Derby Jam at 10 months, 2 Derby 4ths, 5 Derby Jams, at 10 months 2 perfect 100 point scores in Rally Novice, 1 Rally Advanced leg. Continue reading


Visa:Sealion`s Visa Black  MH,CD,NA,NAJ,RA,TKA
DOB 7-18-15 AKC# SR88916204
Hips Excellent
Elbows Normal
7 Derby points, Qualifying 3rd and 4ths Continue reading

The Old Guys


CH Brookland Mischivous Sealion MH CDX NA WCX
Bandit was the 18th Champion/Master Hunter
1994 Master National Finalist
Derby/Qualifying Jams Continue reading


KT`s Perfect Double At Sealion MH UD MX AXJ RE WCX
Kit had 3 Derby Points
2 Qualifying Wins
1 Amateur Win numerous JAMS
2002 and 2006 Master National Finalist
Numerous High In Trials and High Combines Continue reading


Nemo: Augustus Captain Nemo At Sealion
SR46255702 10-17-07
2010 LRC National Challenge 2nd place
2016 LRC National Challenge 3rd place
5 UDX legs
Multiple HIT`s and High Combined`s… Continue reading


Clayburn Sealion O Saddlehill MH UD AX OAJ WCX.
Otter had 7 Derby Points.
2 Qualifing Wins by his 2nd Birthday.
6 All Age Points and Numerous JAMS.
1998 Master National Finalist.
Numerous High in Trials and High Combines. Continue reading


Phin: Applewoods Bow Rider At Sealion MNH,CDX,AX,AXJ,RE,QAA
SR51939801 8-13-08
OFA excellent,Elbows Normal, PRA clear,EIC clear, CNM clear
Master National Hall of Fame,Amateur 1st place, Amateur 3rd and 4th.
Phin made the 2010 Derby list, finished his first Derby at 11 months, had a 1st, 2-3rds, a 4th and 5 jams. Finished his first Qualifiying at 20 months. Continue reading


River: Mach Augustus Class V At Sealion MH,UD,MX,MXJ,RE,NF.
SN93075801 10-18-02
River has an Amateur Win, a number of open and amateur jams, 2 Qualifying wins, 5 UDX legs, a number of High in Trials and High Combines. Continue reading