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Bouy: Sealion’s Lifeline
SR61866901 3-9-10
Derby 1st (35 dogs) ,Derby 4th at 11 months.
Qualifying placements. 3
High in Trials for CD. … Continue reading


M/C: Sealion`s Priceless JH
3 Derby Jams
Bouy X Stinger puppy Continue reading


Nemo: Augustus Captain Nemo At Sealion
SR46255702 10-17-07
2010 LRC National Challenge 2nd place
2016 LRC National Challenge 3rd place
5 UDX legs
Multiple HIT`s and High Combined`s… Continue reading


Phin: Applewoods Bow Rider At Sealion OA NAJ MH RN
SR51939801 8-13-08
OFA excellent,Elbows Normal, PRA clear,EIC clear, CNM clear
Phin made the 2010 Derby list, finished his first Derby at 11 months, had a 1st, 2-3rds, a 4th and 5 jams. Finished his first Qualifiying at 20 months.
Qualifying 1st & 3rd
Amateur Jam
Phin finished the 2013 master national in Kansas Continue reading

The Old Guys


CH Brookland Mischivous Sealion MH CDX NA WCX
Bandit was the 18th Champion/Master Hunter
1994 Master National Finalist
Derby/Qualifying Jams Continue reading


KT`s Perfect Double At Sealion MH UD MX AXJ RE WCX
Kit had 3 Derby Points
2 Qualifying Wins
1 Amateur Win numerous JAMS
2002 and 2006 Master National Finalist
Numerous High In Trials and High Combines Continue reading


Clayburn Sealion O Saddlehill MH UD AX OAJ WCX.
Otter had 7 Derby Points.
2 Qualifing Wins by his 2nd Birthday.
6 All Age Points and Numerous JAMS.
1998 Master National Finalist.
Numerous High in Trials and High Combines. Continue reading


River: Mach Augustus Class V At Sealion MH,UD,MX,MXJ,RE,NF.
SN93075801 10-18-02
River has an Amateur Win, a number of open and amateur jams, 2 Qualifying wins, 5 UDX legs, a number of High in Trials and High Combines. Continue reading